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Built to aggregate the world's crypto liquidity within a frictionless marketplace, the Broctagon Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement (NEXUS) allows prime exchanges, brokers, and financial institutions alike to access the forex standard of deep, multilateral, ECN liquidity for the first time ever.

Imagine the disruptive boom of crypto trading elevated to the sheer scale and efficiency of forex.

With NEXUS, you can become a first mover in unlocking the potential of professional crypto trading and boosting daily traded volumes to heights unlike anything the industry has seen before.

Daily Traded Volume

The Technology

NEXUS Aggregator

Making Crypto 'Best Bid Best Offer' a Reality

Powered by a proprietary protocol-agnostic FIX API adaptor, NEXUS aggregates liquidity from prime crypto exchanges and seamlessly distributes it to a global network of brokers, MTFs, and crypto exchanges with complete pre and post-trade transparency based on an agency-only STP model.

Matching Engine

>10,000 orders per second with strict price/time priority matching algorithm

Smart Order

Automated order fulfilment routes for high throughput, real-time feeds of best prices


NY4, LD4, HK1, SG1 trade centres for < 10ms execution latency

Order Book

Algorithmic consolidation of global price quotations with no ‘last look’ rejections

Prime Exchange Network

NEXUS brings together the industry’s biggest names with the highest trading volumes.
We are already connected to more than 20 prime exchanges in an ever-expanding global network.

Unlocking the Power of
Aggregated Global Crypto Liquidity

The Advantage

The Nexus Edge

Unprecedented Crypto Offerings

Unleash the Potential of Institutional Exchange-Quality Crypto Trading

Best Pricing

Transparent price discovery with streaming firm limit order liquidity

Tight Spreads

Depth of market for competitive bid/ask prices with opportunities for negative spreads

Deep 24/7 Unfragmented Liquidity

True round-the-clock trading with complete transparency supported by multi-market, prime of prime aggregated liquidity

Leverage Options

Open access liquidity on short/long positions with up to 1:10 leverage on derivative crypto pairs

Smart Currency Conversion

An inbuilt currency conversion engine that creates unprecedented crypto liquidity extending even to crosses and exotics

Beyond being a global leader in crypto offerings, NEXUS unlocks access to worldwide markets with transparent, precise and consistent execution – all through a single, flexible margin account.


Crypto Derivatives




CFD Shares




Integrated Portfolio

All You Need for a Complete Product Offering

Immediate Onboarding

Ready-Made Solution with Zero Turnaround

Turnkey integration with pre-connected bridges and MT5 gateway for immediate liquidity distribution, all without any prerequisite architecture requirements.

  • Fix API
  • Liquidity Bridges
  • MT5 Gateway

Client Centric

Choose from a comprehensive range of clearing solutions with margin facility and credit terms aligned with your business goals.

Free Onboarding

No integration fees.
No monthly minimum.
We believe in letting the success of your business do the talking.

Your Preferred Partner

Joining NEXUS
is Simple and Free

The Regulatory

CySEC-Compliant Universal Settlement

Disruptive Technology Anchored on Legislative Certainty and Best Practices

Broctagon NEXUS (incorporated name under Registrar of Companies in Nicosia: Broctagon Prime Ltd, HE360194) is an EU-regulated prime liquidity services provider driven by a culture of strict compliance and regulatory oversight. We are the first in our class to operate under CySEC (license number 320/17) and MiFID licensing – by joining the NEXUS regulated ecosystem, you will never have to experience any of the uncertainties that plague the current crypto landscape.

Be Part of a Safe, Trusted Network

Approaching from a firm background in traditional finance, we see security as a 24/7 responsibility. We uncompromisingly safeguard the integrity, privacy and dependability of our complete ecosystem—and with that, all NEXUS participants.


I am a MT4 / MT5 Broker

Crypto Exchange

Institutional/retail digital asset exchange

MT4 / MT5 Broker

FX broker utilising MetaTrader platform

Financial Institution

Hedge fund, private equity firm, institutional investor, etc

Usher the Future of Crypto Trading
Unified. Liquid. Transparent.

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